Your Higher Self - Spiritual Workshop by Khuram Malik

Your Higher Self - Spiritual Workshop

Use the power of spiritual healing to supercharge your emotional intelligence and turn your life around


The only thing holding you back is yourself. 

We are all often so busy caught up with the day-to-day that we do not have time to work on ourselves. The most productive way forward is to strip away the things that hold us back from becoming the best versions of ourselves.

What I've come to learn is that anxiety, fear and paralysis, are all conquerable with the right spiritual meditation exercise. Together we can discover a higher level of ourselves that is uninhibited by self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours. Together we can increase our emotional intelligence to become almost limitless versions of ourselves.

Join me for a 90 min online spiritual retreat to elevate yourself through the best meditation exercise (dhikr) I learned under the tutelage of Shaykh Umar Vadillo. 
I will walk you through the benefits and techniques of meditation I have learned to further myself and others.

Empower your higher-self and reclaim the time and energy that social anxiety, depression, anger and frustration are taking from you, while at the same time changing your relationship with money so that you can attract more wealth for the greater good. 

Please note:

1. While the workshop is open to everyone, which means people of all faiths (and no faiths), the spiritual workshop will be delivered from an Islamic world-view. While this isn't a religious workshop by any means, you should be aware that the meditation exercise is derived from an Islamic practice.

2. This workshop is part of a live recording of a former, offline event held in London in November 2017.

What's included?

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Hadi's Story
Hadi's Story - Part One
10 mins
Hadi's Story - Part Two
11 mins
Hadi's Story - Part Three
7 mins
Hadi's Story - Part Four
11 mins
Hadi's Story - Part Five
7 mins
After Lesson
After Lesson
8 mins
Lifting the cloud above your head
How to Perform the Forgiveness exercise (audio)
4 mins
The Meditative Exercise(s)
4 mins
Notes about the meditative exercises
2 mins
Changing Your Relationship with Money
Bus Number 83
26 mins
Wealth Principle Exercises
31.9 KB

Integrity before Profit

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