Idea to Launch by Khuram Malik

Idea to Launch

A Quick Masterclass on how to get maximum traction for your new Start-up/Business idea with minimal effort


People regularly reach out to me and tell me how they've lost so much money in getting started on their first business idea and that they are desperate for help. 

They often tell me they wish they had met me sooner when I explain how they could have avoided disaster and devastation.

It's all too common an occurrence when many of us spend our life-savings on a Business MBA, or a Business Mastermind course only to feel that we didn't get the outcome we were looking for. 

Usually thousands of dollars developing an app or website with no money left for marketing. 

It's no fault of the Business MBA or Mastermind, it's just that starting a new business idea a new start-up or working on a new product is a science and art in of itself

Getting your first product out and developing a brand does not need to be a costly or timely exercise. In fact, you’re doing something wrong if that’s your approach. 

You don't need to do anything that puts in you in a delicate financial state. It's all about taking a smart and disciplined approach.

What's often missing for most people - however - is knowing what the smart approach needs to be and having a way to be able to connect the dots from all the fragmented information that's out there.

Which is why I've put a quick masterclass (less than 1hr) together to help you connect these dots.

I'm going to show you:

  • How to come up with a business idea and how to be sure it's the right one
  • How to make sure your business idea is something meaningful that invokes passion in you and gives you the intrinsic motivation you need
  • Why you should NOT be thinking about niches and why it's a dated concept
  • How you can get your product to market quicker than you might think
  • How to ensure your product wows your customers no matter what you're working on
  • The approach big brands like Apple use to launch technically inferior products than the competition but still come out on top as the Number One Player and how you can do this too
  • How to make sure you don't deplete all your life savings to get your business off the ground

What's included?

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True Stories (text only)
True Story Number One
True Story Number Two
True Story Number Three
True Story Number Four
Masterclass (Video)
4 mins
Establishing a Spiritual Purpose and Your Start-up Idea
11 mins
Coming Up With The Product Idea
6 mins
Building the Minimal Viable Product
14 mins
The Iteration Cycle
6 mins
Monetising The Product and Making it Economically Viable
9 mins
Final Re-cap
4 mins
Spiritual Purpose Worksheet (PDF)
106 KB
Example Document Notes
Example Document (PDF)
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Integrity before Profit

Khuram Malik is a leading business strategist, author and blogger. He's a firm believer in, and an evangelist for, social change through entrepreneurship.