How To Write, Publish and Market A Book by Khuram Malik

How To Write, Publish and Market A Book

A step-by-step guide for budding authors


This is a course on How To Write a Book (Non-fiction only) for people with no previous or formal writing experience.
This course consists of three main modules, with examples and case studies.

There will also be on-hand support available throughout your course learning process. With bi-weekly group coaching sessions where you'll be able to participate in a live Q&A for answers to your specific questions and challenges
 The course modules are as follows:

  • How To Write A Book
  • How To Self-Publish Your Book
  • How to Market Your Book and Grow Your Personal Brand

Module Breakdown

How To Write A Book
Step by step guidance on how to write a book that opens up to 5-star reviews

  • How to choose the idea
  • How to come up with a head-turning title
  • How to get started
  • Overcoming Writer's block
  • Writing and Reviewing Tools
  • Planning and structuring content
  • Creating a Reading Team
  • Ensuring the book is worthy of 5-star reviews
  • Getting comfortable with putting your work “out there”

How To Self-Publish
Step by Step process on how to self-publish for print, digital and audio on major platforms such as Amazon

  • Why you should consider using a self-publishing agent
  • How to find a self-publishing agent
  • Book Cover Design
  • Editing and Proof-reading
  • Getting your book listed on Amazon and Kindle
  • Getting your book listed on Audible
  • Making your book available to wholesalers and bookstores
  • The Book Launch
  • Setting up a book launch team
  • Pricing

 Driving Sales and Building Your Personal Brand
Step by step guidance on how to generate word of mouth and build your brand with minimal spend, and how to get people to come to you.
  • Creating organic, viral growth
  • Getting featured in major publications in your niche
  • Speaking engagements and events
  • Generating social media buzz
  • Driving large volume sales with wholesalers and bookstores
  • Driving volume sales through Facebook ads
  • Driving your own personal brand 


What's included?

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Integrity before Profit

Khuram Malik is a leading business strategist, author and blogger. He's a firm believer in, and an evangelist for, social change through entrepreneurship.


I don't see any actual course files or content?

This course is being sold on a pre-order basis. Once we have a minimum number of buyers the content will be released.

Will I get on-hand support?

Yes, there will be a chance for you to speak to the instructor once a week to air your questions and concerns. This will take place in a group coaching setting.

Can I get a link to your book to verify for myself?

Sure. Here's the link to the Amazon listing: