Data Strategy For Entrepreneurs by Khuram Malik

Data Strategy For Entrepreneurs

How to use data to accelerate the growth of your business


Of the many big sweeping changes in the last couple of decades such as the Internet, Social Media, Smartphones and so on. Personally I would say that while most of these changes have been acknowledged, recognised and actualised by most businesses and organisations alike, there is one major shift that has been recognised but rarely actualised. And that shift is data.

In my own personal experience while working with many Founders, CEOs and Leaders around the globe, I have found that even if the typical CEO doesn't completely “get” social media for example, he/she recognises the importance of it enough to make sure that one way or the other, this process is being managed.

I can't say that I have necessarily experienced the same when it comes to data. Except for places like Silicon Valley or in concentrated tech/start-up hubs where terms like Growth Hacking are very common. Outside of these circles — and most especially in the smaller businesses — the term “big data” is often thrown around, but rarely acted upon with any serious commitment.

Some of that is because many businesses don't have the in-house technical expertise to perform the data analysis and a large part of it is because most business leaders often hold the erroneous notion that developing data-driven strategies is something reserved only for the enterprise, companies with deep pockets or math geniuses. None of which is true.
Thus, in this Masterclass I want to show you:

  • Why data is just as important for the small business/organisation as it is for the larger business
  • How to use data to drive successful marketing strategies
  • How to use data to drive business growth
  • How to establish meaningful KPIs for a Business Intelligence dashboard (without needing to be a math genius)
  • Real world examples

What's included?

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4 mins
The Importance of Data
Benefits of Data
6 mins
Data Tells a Story
5 mins
Getting Data to Tell You A Story
Measure Everything
4 mins
Data Visualisation
5 mins
Putting the Visuals Together
4 mins
Building Your Own Visuals
KPI Worksheet (PDF)
93.8 KB
Data Visualisation Blueprint - Worksheet (PDF)
1.17 MB
Setting Up Your Data Flow
8 mins
Growth Magic
Key Categories You Should Consider
10 mins
The Feedback Loop
4 mins
Real World Examples / Case Studies
Case Study One - "Hi Mommy"
5 mins
Case Study Two - Dropbox
7 mins

Integrity before Profit

Khuram Malik is a leading business strategist, author and blogger. He's a firm believer in, and an evangelist for, social change through entrepreneurship.