True Story Number Four

A friend and I went to a 3-day conference together last year. He had been busy setting up an Amazon business a few months before we met while I was working on my consulting. I was also writing my book at this time.

There were many business people at the conference. I think there were over a thousand people there so of course, we got a chance to mingle with and speak to a lot of people. 

I remember one conversation in particular where we both started talking to a guy about his digital marketing business. He explained what he did and what it was about and then asked me what it is that I do. So naturally I told him what it is that I do and we had some good banter. Then it was my friend's turn. My friend seemed really uncomfortable in sharing his story about his business, what he was working on etc. His body language and the general vibe brought the conversation to a screeching halt (even though he didn't say anything bad) and so the Digital Marketing guy slowly excused himself and then moved on. My friend felt quite bad about bringing it to a halt. It was quite obvious his discomfort had lowered the tone quite a bit, but it wasn't his fault.

Unfortunately, this kind of incident then re-occurred a number of times over the course of the conference weekend.

Why was my friend so uncomfortable in speaking about his business? Was it his general lack of confidence? Was he not feeling well? Were other people at the event intimidating?

No. It wasn't any of those things. It's because he was unsure about his business. He didn't have the clarity and confidence from the business itself so there wasn't any conviction in it that could drive his confidence in talking -- even shouting about it -- to others.

Most people who get started in business have this issue. They fear the criticism, they feel like they need someone else to shout about it on social media or do the sales etc for them, rather than be the person to do it themselves. They feel that it's a specialist area for people who are naturally extroverted. 

The truth of the matter is; it's the way one goes about their approach to entrepreneurship. If you change the way you think about business, then the conviction comes and then so does the confidence to shout about it without feeling disingenuous or inauthentic.

I explain why this happens and how to get around this in the masterclass.

Trust me. It will make all the difference to the work that you do.

Oh, and my friend is in a different business now. He's much happier to talk and shout about it. 

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