True Story Number Three

I was approached by a lady who had setup an independent company offering certain types of counselling services to adults.

She'd spent several years professionally in the industry working for others and now had saved up enough to go independent, so she setup her own practice.

She found some guy who offered to build her website and take care of all her SEO. Initially he quoted her a little over £2000.

She thought it was pricey but decided to go for it thinking it'd be a good investment. After about 4 months of waiting the website was finally at a point where the guy could at least show her what had been done. She felt it needed a lot more work and he told her it wasn't part of the original spec so she'd have to spend more money to get the "upgrades" she needed. Long story short, that happened a number of times over the next several months and when she looked back and counted how much money she had spent, it was now more than £5000.

Her savings were completely gone and she still hadn't secured a single client from her new website. She also wasn't ranking in Google where she wanted.

I spent some time showing what are some of the simple changes she could make to her website and what are some of the things she could do at least start driving in some customers.

She then said: "But I don't need a very expensive website for that(?)" to which I concurred. I told her that she could have started out with a simple landing page and built it up from there. It would have cost less than £200 and she could have focused on getting clients within a couple of weeks rather than almost a couple of years.

She had to go back to working for someone else. Suffice to say, she won't be spending anywhere near as much on her next website.

It's things like this. I see and hear about horror stories like this on almost daily basis which is why I've put this masterclass together.

Idea to Launch

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