Integrity before Profit

Khuram Malik is a leading business strategist, author and blogger. He's a firm believer in, and an evangelist for, social change through entrepreneurship.

Your Higher Self - Spiritual Workshop

The only thing holding you back is yourself.  We are all often so busy caught up with the day-to-day that we do not have time...

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Idea to Launch

People regularly reach out to me and tell me how they've lost so much money in getting started on their first business idea and that...

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How To Write, Publish and Market A Book

This is a course on How To Write a Book (Non-fiction only) for people with no previous or formal writing experience.   This course consists...

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Data Strategy For Entrepreneurs

Of the many big sweeping changes in the last couple of decades such as the Internet, Social Media, Smartphones and so on. Personally I would...

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